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If you're a fan of Bill Bryson, Michael Palin and a humourous style of travel writing generally then you'll enjoy my e-books.They're written from my experiences while travelling extensively over east and west Europe.

I have tried to share my adventures with readers who enjoy a good story to bring the travels to life, making you feel as though you're travelling along with me as you turn the pages.

Each travelogue is accompanied by my own photographs to illustrate the stories and bring them even more vividly to life. The E-books format enables me to publish the photos right next to the relevant text rather than in a seperate section in the middle or at the end, as with conventional books.

Each book is available to download at a very reasonable price for you to store on your computer or to print out and read at your convenience. Try one, and I'm sure you'll come back for more.


There are currently four titles available with a fifth coming soon.

A Slow Boat to Moscow - This is a two-part story of a river journey from St Petersburg to Moscow followed by a return to Moscow two years later. The book gives a fascinating view of life in both rural and urban modern-day Russia and is laced with intrigue (Russian Mafia, a mysterious coffin and a love-struck barmaid) and humour. A favourite with many readers.

A Big Boat to Norway - A tale of fun, fjords and frolics with an author's-eye-view of the cities of Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger, and encounters with a shrinking glacier, a pesky German lady and a roomful of very large salmon.

Odyssey in the Ukraine - A fascinating view of this former Soviet country that takes in the Golden city of Kiev, exotic Odessa and historic Sevastopol. The author visits an ancient Monastery where dead monks are stored on shelves, the famous site of the Charge of the Light Brigade and the summer palace of Tsar Nicholas and his wife Alexandra.

Volcanoes and Sirens - A wonderful tour around the bay of Naples where we follow the author around the streets of ancient Pompeii, up Mount Vesuvius, over to the beautiful Isle of Capri and down the drains in Sorrento.

Coming soon...

Prague Tales - The author visits this fast-changing city and visits places, some famous, some strange, but all fascinating and steeped in the incomparabe history and atmosphere of this old and unique Bohemian capital.

Also available...

John's novel, The Mischling, set in pre-war Frankfurt, is now available from the Amazon Kindle store

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